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OnCure Holdings, Inc. operates radiation oncology treatment centers for cancer patients. Oncure Medical Corp. (“Oncure”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of OnCure Holdings, Inc., contracts with radiation oncology medical groups and their radiation oncologists through long-term management services agreements to offer cancer patients a comprehensive range of radiation oncology treatment options, including most traditional and next generation services. Oncure currently provides services to a network of 14 medical groups that treat cancer patients at its 37 radiation oncology treatment centers, making it one of the largest strategically located networks of radiation oncology service providers. Oncure has treatment centers located in California, Florida and Indiana, where it provides the medical groups with the use of the facilities and with certain clinical services of treatment center staff, and administers the non-medical business functions of the treatment centers, such as technical staff recruiting, marketing, managed care contracting, receivables management and compliance, purchasing, information systems, accounting, human resource management and physician succession planning.


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